An awesome weekend

Where do we start? What to say about the weekend totally shocked at the award that we received from Wedding Ideas for ‘ Best Bridal Retailer for 2011’.

The morning of the awards was one of nerves in the Creatiques ‘camp’. In fact, so bad I questioned it was morning sickness. Putting our best foot forward Rob and I got all suited and booted for this prestigious event.

The giraffes at Wedding Ideas had worked so hard for this event and all their hard work paid of big style!. In an event filled with glitz and glamour with a buzz of excitement filling the air; The day began at noon with a sparkling champagne reception followed by a lavish lunch and then on to the main event. As the fabulous Jennie Falconer proceeded to the stage, we knew it was about to start.

The warm response we got from the people that we met at the ‘do’ were lovely, to meet all our fellow tweeters that we had been speaking to over the weeks leading up to the awards was wonderful. Then the nerves kicked in, when it came to our category. Rob and I both looked at each other, no way had we thought, we had given our predictions to a friend, and then it was our name.  Just to have our name read out in the top five was great, and then our name was called by Ashley Roberts from the national wedding show. OMG we won, WE WON. Shaking like a leaf Rob and I went to the stage, we had written a speech, just in case but it all went to pot, and I could feel myself welling up, legs still shaking. Then the lovely Rob put his hand on my shoulder.

The warmth in the room was incredible. We thanked all our brides for voting for us, read from the speech; ‘Sod it’ I said, I didn’t want to read it, I said it as it was, from the heart.

‘For two guys to have a bridal shop and hair salon in a predominately female world shows that our brides trust us. One of our brides wrote as a testimonial, ‘These boys really know how to dress women’, we rock!, This is awesome we can’t believe that we have this award.’. It is amazing to think that after all our work we have this, yes this. I think then i screamed like a girl..No offense.

On a personal level, Rob and I are very very touched with the response that we have had from our win, we love our job, we eat breath and live Creatiques and this has shown us that the hours and hours that we put into the shop has paid off.

A Massive thanks to everyone that was there on the day, we are all winners.

To have so many votes from our brides is incredible; we work so closely with our brides so that they feel like they are part of the Creatiques family.

Until next year,  a great afternoon and amazing result.