Andrea’s June Ceremony

1. Wedding date?
2. Wedding venue?
West gate hall – Southmapton
2a. Did your wedding plans change due to covid? If so what changed?
Yes – we were meant to get married at clock barn – we are still having a celebrant there the 10th of July 2022
3. Wedding photographer & How did you choose your photographer?
Wayne Williams – cousin to my husband
4. Wedding Flowers & did you choose your dress before your flowers?
Olivia brooke florist, I chose my dress 1st
5. Did you have a colour scheme or theme for your day?
Yes lilac and baby pink
The Dress
6. Dress Designer?
Mark lesley
7. Before visiting Creatiques did you have an idea of what style of gown you’d like? If so were you surprised by the gown you did choose?
Yes, had my dress on hold before I arrived
8. Overall how was your Creatiques experience?
Loved my experience
9. Highlight of your wedding day?
Marrying my amazing partner
10. Did you have any special touches?
Not really
11. Do you have any advice for bride’s planning their big day?
Try and stay as calm as possible

12. In hindsight, would you have done anything differently?

Yes, doing our big wedding next summer and can’t wait for the party side of it!