Bridal Buyer Beware

The counterfeit wedding dresses that could ruin your big day!

Every bride has a budget, and in tough financial times who doesn’t want to save a few pounds wherever they can.

Unfortunately as with the rise of counterfeit goods across other markets, wedding dresses have now become the target of the counterfeit mobsters looking to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting brides to be.

As awful as it sound these counterfeiters are well aware that most brides are on a tight budget and by ripping off the more popular brands of designer wedding dresses, they stand to make a tidy profit, cashing in on the dress of your dreams.

Maggie Sottero is One of the designers we stock at Inspired Bridal that has been targeted by counterfeiters selling fake dresses on the web.

What happens sometimes is a bride comes into the store and tries on a dress she loves, then she may go tocounterfeit-crisis_01 try and find that dress online for a lower price

We set our prices at the recommended retail price by the designer, so it is tempting when brides see their dress online far cheaper. In reality you will rarely find an authorised retailer online.

So what do you get for your money if you order that cheaper dress online?

We had a bride come in and fall in love with one of our Maggie Sottero dresses, she then went and ordered it online from a supposed authorised dealer offering her 50% off. A bargain too good to refuse or so she thought.

3 months later she came back into see us in tears. The dress she had ordered that had been delivered to her looked nothing like the picture online and was unwearable.

It was made of cheap,stiff, shiny fabric, the cut and fit was nothing like the original designer version. It was basically fit for the bin or at a push the kids dressing up box.

The poor bride was absolutely devastated and frantic as to what to do next.

Thankfully we were able to phone the designer who had a dress in Europe that she was able to send over to us, as normally the dresses have to be ordered a minimum of six months in advance.

So it was a happy ending for this bride, but for so many others who don’t have the extra cash or time on their side, their big day can be marred by cheap knock off wedding dresses being peddled online.

So brides beware, only ever order your wedding dress from an authorised retailer, if the price online seems to good to be true, it most probably is!