Claire simmons wrote a piece about her experience in the boutique.

Hi Rob
I felt so special and not just a number as i entered the creatiques shop. Greeted by the lovely,warm welcoming Rob.
Being a larger lady (size 22) i was worried that i wouldn’t find a stunning dress that fitted me,i expected my choices to be very limited.Rob made me feel so relaxed along with making me feel a ‘million dollars’ The whole experience was amazing,fun,enjoyable and we laughed loads.Rob gave me his fantastic,professional and HONEST opinion and made me feel like my size wasn’t an issue in fact i can say it wasn’t even mentioned.
I was feeling nervous about trying on the dresses as this meant i would have to show my body but this wasn’t an issue as Rob stood the other side of the curtain without any prompts and told me to call him when i need it done up.I found this wasn’t intimidating like other places i had visited.I can safely say that all 3 of us walked out with the biggest grin on our faces knowing that i have found ‘the perfect dress’.