Creatiques at Priory School

Creatiques founders Andrew and Rob Pearce are not only local business tycoons, but are avid members of the community. Their spare time is mainly dominated by endless charity events, guest appearances and public talks. A few weeks ago, Andrew was invited to local school- The Priory School; to deliver an inspirational and motivational talk to a Year 11 ‘Business Studies’ class. The general concept of the visit was based around how Andrew began the multi-award winning Creatiques Bridal Boutique, and give advice to young entrepreneurs, who ultimately wish to be successful in the local business industry.

“The morning at The Priory School was fabulous”, Andrew says. “It was really eye opening to meet young adults who are passionate about business. The questions the students asked were really thought through and relevant to my experience within business. They all listened well, and seemed to get a lot out of the whole session, which was my intention. I really wish them all the best of luck, and look forward to watching their local businesses grow in the future!”

Creatiques Class Photo

Priory School is a Specialist Sports College in the heart of southsea. For more information regarding the school, visit