Creatiques on Golden Globes: Sandra Oh steals the show! Oh, and how to achieve her look for your wedding!

I mean, come on who didn’t have a little tear in their eye when goddess Sandra Oh’s parents joined her at the Golden Globes the other night, and the look on their faces as Sandra Oh thanked then in a Korean when she became the first Asian Actress to not only win Best Actress but also host the awards with co-host comedian Adam Samberg. I’m welling up just reliving the moment in my head.












The actress who plays Eve Polastri in everybody’s new favourite binge worthy series stole the show, in not just ONE gorgeous gown, BUT THREE dress changes throughout the course of the evening. Her Red Carpet entrance, with co-star the gorgeous Jodie Comer gave a subtle nod to their characters in the award winning series Killing Eve, with Oh wearing Versace. Of course, however, the face behind all of Sandra Oh’s looks for the evening came from legendary Vogue Editor and stylist Elizabeth Saltzman.

“I went hardcore, but with a thought process,” Saltzman explains. She quickly landed on a theme: “Only female designers, in order to show the strength in this woman, and in this time of women.” She is quick to clarify, however, that “it’s not about publicising that as a headline”.

First, Saltzman called up Donatella Versace. “I was ready for a ‘No’, because you wouldn’t pair Versace and Sandra Oh together,” she says. “But, that’s exactly why I went there.” Needless to say, the house loved the idea and created not one, but two looks for Oh. The first: a classic white column gown with faint pink beading to give it just a hint of shimmer. “It’s very simple, but it’s the opposite of black,” Saltzman notes, referring to last year’s much-publicised dress code. (quote copyright: Vogue)













































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