We are getting ready for RE-OPENING ON JUNE 16TH, 2020.

What a year it has been so far, 2020 we have entered a new era of the “new normal” this is definitely a year we will all remember.

While our doors have been shut through this, we have been with you making sure that all your rescheduled weddings are on track, undertaking live feeds to let you all know we are here for you, and busily refurbishing the store.

A PARTY I hear you all say, yes, we would have on the relaunch of CREATIQUES, but due to the government restrictions we are unfortunately unable to do so. NEVERTHELESS, WE ARE BACK, BIGGER BOLDER AND LITERALLY READY FOR YOU.

A brand-new era for CREATIQUES.

For the past week we have been remerchandising, styling the “in boutique”, A BRAND-NEW ROOM for the mother of the bride and groom and in addition opening our diary rescheduling our bridal appointments ,collections and also fittings with our seamstress Claire.

We would like to thank the team at Bio response for their time in undertaking a deep clean at Creatiques, ensuring that are newly furbished boutique is completely ready for you to attend.

We are confident that we can throw open our doors in the knowledge that we have provided an extremely safe environment for you to choose ‘the one”.

Bio response has CREATIQUES under control. Their ethos is: – FROM FLOOR TO CEILING NO STONE IS UNTURNED

Bacteria can settle on any surface as well as in between surfaces and remain there for many days if not cleaned. We offer comprehensive decontamination of all touchpoints, including computers, desks, handles, work surfaces, taps and cabinets.

We will also endeavour to fully cleanse all points of the premises that are difficult to reach such as in between furniture, ceilings, inside cupboards and drawers, your ceilings and floors, walls, windows and any spaces which could be a breeding ground for bacteria. We aim to cleanse almost everywhere within the building.

“As part of our infection control and prevention measures, we start with a deep clean of all areas using Formula 429 Plus which is regarded as one of the industry-leading chemicals to use against a range of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).”


We trust that you have an amazing experience with the award-winning team at Creatiques, nevertheless we have to adhere to the retail government guidelines, and because of this we are asking you to read this.

  1. A social distancing sign on the entrance door
  2. We will have in our boutique a handheld non-contact thermometer, the bride and their one attended will expect to have their temperature taken on arrival.
  3. Only one guest permitted per bride
  4. An automated Hand sanitizer will be available for you as you arrive at the boutique, we will ask you to use this prior to your appointment, if you have any conditions that will not allow you to use this, we will ask you to wash your hands in our rest room. Our designated stylist will instruct bride and guest to use on arrival
  5. Each staff member will have their designated room for the day, they will have a mask and or a visor. They will also have disposable plastic aprons and disposable gloves to use where necessary.
  6. Each bride will be taken to her designated area upon arrival and will not be permitted to leave that area to browse our dresses
  7. As a precaution will ask the bride to change into a non-woven disposable cover up isolation security protection gown.
  8. Each guest will be given a mask to wear (if they haven’t bought their own)
  9. Refreshments can be provided where necessary. No drinks purchased externally will not be allowed in the boutique.
  10. The consultant will pull the dresses wearing a new pair of gloves for that purpose only which will be disposed of in designated bin in each room as soon as they re-enter the room
  11. The bride and her guest will go into the changing room to put the dress on. This will be discussed during out initial consultation.
  12. The consultant will wear gloves where applicable.
  13. Facebook Portal or WhatsApp on ipads to be used (if wanted) for virtual guest to attend
  14. All orders and payment will be taken in the area you are seated; payments will also be available through bank transfer.
  15. The iPad pen/iPad/card machine/tape measure will all be wiped down with alcohol wipes after use
  16. All dresses tried on will be taken directly to our prep room to be steamed and sprayed with Dettol fabric spray.
  17. Will also will ask which bridal boutiques you have been to. If you have been to any appointments prior (on the day of this appointment with us) to coming into our store.
  18. At present the toilet is not in use.

We really want you to enjoy our boutique, and we understand it all sounds very clinical and not our “norm”. We know you will enjoy finding your wedding gown with us.