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Looking for the perfect wedding dress or not sure what you want? Charlotte Pearson heads to Southsea to talk to Creatiques’‘bride whisperers’. Pictures by John Snowden, Snowden Photography,

 They say that when you find ‘the one’ you just know.

Be it a full skirt, short skirt, lace bodice or covered with Swarovski crystals when you spot ‘your’ wedding dress nothing else comes close.

And thankfully the team at Creatiques Bridal Boutique in Albert Road are on hand to make your dreams come true.

“We know what our girls want,” reveals Andrew Pearce, who runs the boutique with his husband Robert. “We know our area and we know our brides.

“We are very honest, if something isn’t quite right we will say.We want the bride to look and feel their best.”

Andrew has been making dresses for more

than 20 years and gives me a brief education in lace, silks, satins and crystals, which simply baffles me.

Within minutes of meeting Andrew says he knows he says he knows exactly the type of dress that would suit me, and goes on to describe my perfect dress.

I can see why it is a popular destination boutique for brides.

“We have been overwhelmed with how well it is going,” Rob says. “Saturdays are always busy. We are appointment only so we advise people to book well in advance.”

The shop comes from humble beginnings, created by closing a Creatiques store in Marmion Road and Inspired Bridal in Old Portsmouth and then opening this brand new store in July.

“Our first store in Marmion Road was tiny, so we moved up the road,” Rob explains.

“We had been looking for a larger space and a friend told us about this place, we loved it.”

“It is great as I am a trained hairdresser and the size means I can have my own salon,” Andrew adds.

As a dancer alongside many of the Strictly professionals, wedding dresses were not Andrew’s original plan.

“I have always been creative and a friend asked me to make her wedding dress,” he recalls. “I was a little daunted, but I gave it a go and really enjoyed it.

“I always wanted to work in the theatre but never did, but what is more theatrical than life and weddings.


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