From Trina. Her experience at Creatiques.

This is why we totally love what we do.


Hi Rob and Andrew,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful experience you gave me this weekend!

I had made an appointment as a ‘drop in’ about a month before and came in with a couple of my friends on Saturday. We were immediately made to feel comfortable and very welcome and the coffee offered arrived in cafetiere. Rob spent time talking with me and listening to what I thought I might (and might not) like! We then selected quite a few dresses to try on.

The changing room was nice and large with a carpeted box for me to stand on to allow the dresses to drop properly. Rob laid each dress out and left for me to step into the dresses and then when I was ‘decent’ came in to ‘zip me up’ and helped arrange the dress so when he pulled back the curtains my friends and I had beautiful view of each dress. The service was discreet and he made both my friends feel included in the whole experience. We were also offered information on colour options, alterations available, bolero jackets, hair pieces, shoes etc.

After our appointment here we went to another bridal shop in Hampshire but sadly didn’t have such a good experience. The shop had been recommended by a friend who’s sister had been very happy with the service provided. When I booked it was explained that I would be charged £25 if we didn’t attend the appointment. We were welcomed in a very business like manner and it was suggested that we choose a couple of dresses so they had an idea of what I liked and then they then chose the dresses I would try on. The changing room was cramped and the female assistant stayed with me while I undressed and got into each dress. My friends were not made to feel particularly welcome and the area for trying on was cramped and included a sewing machine for alterations. Sadly I found their customer service lacking, I wanted to be made to feel special!

On leaving we called Creatiques and asked if there was an possibility of a quick second visit.Rob left a message explaining that they had a cancellation and so we returned and to try on The Dress again and both Rob and Andrew were there with tissues for tears and smiles to reinstate my faith in dress shopping!

I love my Dress and feel so excited about you helping me in the build up to my wedding. You made my friends feel so welcome and included and made me feel like the most important person in the world – just how an Bride to be should feel!

Again thank you so much

Trina xx