Holly's lovely words…

As many of you may have read, Creatiques and our sister salon ‘The HairdressSir’ headed up by our own Andrew Pearce have been working along side the family of Holly Joiner-Mason, to raise funds to buy a Vein Finding machine for a local hospital.

Holly is a lovely young girl, and over the fundraising process the Creatiques team have presented her with several gifts to remind her of just how special she really is.

Earlier, Creatiques HQ received this lovely message from Holly, which we had to share with you!

“This shop is one of the best shops and the guys are the most loveliest guys I have ever met. They are helping me with fundraising to get a vein finder for urology rapid access clinic at Queen Alexandra hospital. They have made all my dreams come true they are so kind and caring people. This is the lovely day they put on for me and dress for our fundraising night in March it’s going to be amazing just like them. They deserve every award they get, thank you so much guys you are truly inspirational to me. From Holly joiner Mason.


If you’d like to find out about how you can help us raise funds for Holly’s cause, then get in touch.

Tickets for the next Miss G show, held at the Maritime Club in Portsmouth, are now on sale. They are £30 each, and include a hot buffet. Email us at couture@creatiques.co.uk for more information.