Our new store opens,INSPIRED BRIDAL.


Creatiques Get Inspiration From Brides For New Shop in Old Portsmouth

 Rob and Andrew Pearce at their new shop in Old Portsmouth,
Inspired by Creatiques

A business in Portsmouth is bucking the trend during the recession by opening up a second shop.

Creatiques, a wedding boutique in Marmion Road, Southsea, recently expanded its offering by launching a new store in Old Portsmouth. The new shop, called Inspired Bridal by Creatiques, was naturally the next step for the business in terms of being able to meet the demand from customers.

Rob Pearce who runs the shop with partner Andrew, said, “We need to accommodate our brides as we only do one to one appointments and we can only do that by having a second fitting room.”

Originally planning to move to a bigger shop, logistical issues meant that they decided to operate a second store stocking different collections in each one. The arrangement means that brides-to-be can come into the city and have a day of shopping.

Andrew explained, “We are working with local restaurants in Old Portsmouth so that people can come and have lunches. We have a voucher scheme where they can have a glass of prosecco. It’s quite nice that you have that community thing going on again like we have in Marmion Road.”

 “Even though it’s the same area, it’s completely different. A lot more people walk around Old Portsmouth and  through to Gunwharf. Also there is the Square Tower which is a big wedding venue for us as well as Still and West, the A Bar and the cathedral. There are a lot more people where the shop is. It’s a very good location.”

The pair are excited not only about opening the new shop but also with the new collections that they have started to stock. Andrew explained, “One of them is very exclusive to us which is Ivory & Co. There are only about 30 shops in the UK that have them. They are all in silk and are a brand new bridal and accessories label.” Maggie Sottero is another popular collection that is being stocked in the new shop. Rob added, “Girls are already asking for them.”

Creatiques has been running for 25 years in March. The business was originally started by Andrew who worked from home. Seven years ago they decided to open up the shop in Marmion Road, originally on the other side of the street. Four years ago they moved to their current location which had a dramatic effect on the business.

The business has gone on to win numerous awards including Wedding Ideas Retailer of the year twice, Southern Area Business Awards and Wedding Industry Experts to name just a few.

The pair have named the shop after the inspiration that they get from their brides. Andrew explained, “The collection we created for the shop was inspired by our brides. It’s interesting when they come in with an idea of what they’d like and with Creatiques, we are creating all the time. The brides are giving us the inspiration we need for when we look at new collections, when we go and buy and even when we adapt what we have. It’s changing all the time.”

Rob said, “We’re really excited. It’s nice to have a brand new shop stocking collections that are new to us too. It’s given us a boost in our reputation and highlighted us again within the bridal industry. Because we have expanded in a recession, people will see that we are here to stay.”

For more information about Creatiques and Inspired Bridal by Creatiques visitwww.creatiques.co.uk