1. Wedding Date: 29th May 2016

2. Venue: Sopwell House, St Albans

3. A short review of your Creatiques experience: Personalised, special, beautiful, patient. Just four words I’d use to describe my experience. After trying on 6 dresses I chose my dress, and they even did a quick hair up do so I could fully envisage how I’d look on my wedding day. I fully appreciated the honesty of the staff as well, saying what they did and didn’t like about the dress I was trying etc. Not many places will do that and are more interested in making a sale, than making sure you’re happy

4. Highlight of your day: My husband is Jewish so we organised a Jewish blessing with Rabbi Frank Dabba-Smith for after the ceremony. We still have guests saying how much they enjoyed shouting MAZEL-TOV at the end, as they’d never experienced anything like it before, and some of my favourite wedding pictures are from the blessing.

5. Top Tip for Future Brides Create the wedding you want. Trust your gut. Yes, it’s important to listen to your friends and family input, but this is your day and you need to have the wedding of your dreams. It makes is so much more special looking back and remembering what you created, with no regrets.


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