1. Wedding Date:17th March 2012

2. Venue: Clock Barn, Whitchurch, Hampshire

3. A short review of your Creatiques experience: most of my friends know me to be a bit of a tomboy who will dress up on occasion. I’m not into a lot of fuss and sparkle. When it came to choosing my wedding dress I thought I had an idea of what I’d like or would suit me in mind. I’d booked several places to try on some wedding dresses, Creatiques being one of them. I had such a warm welcome from Rob when I arrived at the shop. The shop was closed for me to choose my dress. I asked if I had anything in mind. “Oh just something nice and simple” was my reply. I was told to have a look and pull out some dresses that I liked, which I did. Then once I had chosen a few Rob pulled out this beautiful lace and sparkly gown. If was beautiful but far from simple and the dress I had in mind. I tried on all of my choices and they were all lovely and Rob and Andrew had ideas of making alterations or adding a little bit here and there to make it mine. However, I tried on the dress that Rob picked out. As soon as I saw it on in the mirror I knew it was the one. It was MY dress. Rob just seemed to know what would suit me more than I did. Thank you Creatiques!! After Creatiques I did go to the other 2 shops that I’d made appointments with and neither of them lived up to the welcome or service that I received at Creatiques.

4. Highlight of your day: The whole day was amazing and we had the best time. I loved walking down the lane with my husband with a little moment to ourselves just to take it all in.

5. Top Tip for Future Brides. Don’t panic, don’t stress, enjoy the day and take a moment for just you and your husband (or wife) just to be in the moment and take it all in. The day will go so quickly just cherish it!

Photographer: wowphotography

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