We got married on 8th April 2017 at Beaulieu Domus and National Motor Museum in the New Forest.

My experience at Creatiques was fantastic, Kayleigh was so knowledgeable and put me completely at ease as well as making it a real event for my mum and bridesmaids who were with me. I had a completely different idea in my head as to what I wanted to wear but none of what I had picked quite worked so Kayleigh asked if she could put me in something she thought would look good and warned me to ignore it when it was on its hanger as, I think she said something like, it looks bloody terrible!  So, I did as instructed, put it on and then that was it, it was absolutely perfect and completely not what I thought I would fall in love with. I actually had other appointments elsewhere that day so dutifully went to them but nothing stood up to what Kayleigh had found for me. From then on everyone at Creatiques couldn’t do enough for me, we even had a little mishap towards the end but they dealt with it excellently and they along with the seamstress they had recommended to me meant that everything was always under control.

My favourite moment whilst planning was organising the hours just before the wedding. Having that time with my amazing bridesmaids and family before the craziness of the day was so important to me and that when I was driven to the wedding I would be not only with my dad but with my two brothers; other than my husband these are the men who have looked after me through all the ups and downs of my life and other than actually getting married, this time with them was the most important part of the day for me. Our day was just amazing but I think the highlight for me was just how nervous me and my now husband were. It sounds odd but we’ve been together for nearly a decade and I thought that neither of us would have any nerves as it was just us taking the next step but it turns out that it was even more important to both of us than I think we’d maybe appreciated in the run up. He was even shaking and shed a tear when he saw me, he’s not the emotional type normally (unlike me) so that was probably the most romantic he’s ever been and couldn’t have picked a better time to display it!

I wouldn’t re-do anything, things went wrong, they always do but the point is that none of it really matters if you have just married the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, we had so much fun and got to spend it with everyone that we love…and from my husband’s point of view there were lots of classic and F1 cars so win win for him

 My top tip would be to make sure the at the core of your day you manage to factor in having fun, don’t over do the numbers because you feel you should, don’t over-complicate the day so you’re constantly on the look out for something not quite right and personalise it so it means something to you and doesn’t just look the part. We had giant Connie and Colin Caterpillars as side cakes to our enormous tower of cheese/pork pie/sausage roll wedding cake and tables named after F1 race courses because they are things we both loved – our wedding was exactly that ‘ours’ by making key decisions together and making sure it reflected both of us, which we loved.

Photographer: Sarah Elvin Photography

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