Name: Kat

Wedding date: 9th July 2015

Venue: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento, Italy

I loved every minute of my experience at creatiques. My appointment was private so I was the only person in the shop and I was made to feel so comfortable. I had already been to 2 other bridal shops and creatiques were by far the best for choice, customer experience and elegance. I should have gone there in the first place! The store is so luxurious but I was worried this would reflect on the price but it did not. I chose a strapless dress that I wanted straps adding to. Creatiques helped me pick add ons and decide on all the finer details. I would recommend every bride-to-be to go there over anywhere else.

Highlights of planning: Choosing all the pretty things for the wedding day, lots of shopping trips and pre celebrations!

The highlight of my big day has to be my entrance to walk down the aisle! I walked out onto a platform of the villa where we got married, overlooking the patio where all our guests were and my husband to be. I thought seeing all their faces looking at me would make me nervous but I had a beaming smile on my face and was excited to walk down the aisle and be the bride! The view from the villa overlooked the bay of Naples and was just stunning. I couldn’t of pictured my day being anywhere else after that! I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing!! One thing my husband and I were worried about going abroad, was that we would regret having to go so far. But we are so happy we chose to do it our way.

 My tips for future brides would be, buy the dress you absolutely want, don’t worry about the price as at the end of the day your wedding will be one overall cost and you won’t remember what was what! And take your time walking down the aisle no matter how nervous or excited you are. You want to remember everyone’s faces!

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