Sarah tells us about her amazing wedding




sarah and ben-114


The Oxwich Bay Hotel is a fantastic location and when the sun is shining as it was on this fabulous day in May for Sarah and Ben’s wedding it is even better.

I arrived early at about 8.45am and the Bay was so tranquil. The Bridology girls were already in Sarah’s room in The Oxwich Bay Hotel getting the hair and make-up done in their flawless fashion. It was so warm in there already with the sun beating towards the hotel and the small room was getting increasingly busy and excitable!

Ben and his father and best men arrived and were sat on a bench below Sarah’s room, I’m sure they were trying to get a sneak peek at the bride before the ceremony – Naughty chaps! I met with the guys and we went for a stroll along the beach and grabbed a few snaps of the boys together before the ceremony along with some wedding ring shots.

Sarah was able to walk through the garden to the ceremony room in the Hotel due to the wonderful weather that we had that day and she looked absolutely fabulous in the dress that she got from Creatiques ( on the South coast. They provided so much advice Sarah was really happy with their service.

The ceremony was fab. There were laughs, giggles and some very emotional moments. Being the 2ndwedding I have shot in the Oxwich Bay hotel this year I was prepared even more for the venue and am happy to say that I got some great shots.

It was a little to warm and sunny to do the bride and groom shoot after the ceremony and as my service is all day long we were able to pop out to the beach after the speeches, which were some of the most heartfelt words I have been witness to in any wedding I have shot or attended. Well done Marc Bews – You nailed your speech, Ben and Sam you followed his amazing and very emotional  speech with finesse  which just did not think anyone would be able to do!

Lots of energy that evening followed with the disco as all of Ben’s football mates were there throwing some shapes (and Ben) around the dance floor. When ever I hear the ‘Call me Maybe’ song now I think of your wedding!

Fab wedding guys! I wish you an amazing life together. I see that you had an amazing time on your honeymoon from the pics you have put up. Enjoy these blog pics and I will have the full set ready for you very soon. xx