The mark lesley designer event.

Retailer/supplier partnerships

Thu, 17 Nov 2011

Put two award winners together – Creatiques bridal boutique of Southsea and the Mark Lesley collection – stage-manage an amazing event, and the results can dazzle the order books. This was not just an local wedding fayre, this was a something quite different


creatiques/mark lesley

The stunning Royal Marines Museum Eastney proved to be the perfect backdrop for the Mark Lesley designer show, where the new collection pulled in hundreds of brides-to-be looking for that dress. Rob and Andrew of the winning Creatiques Couture Boutique, a twosome known for giving 150 per cent to every venture they become involved with, took over 80 bookings at the one-day event, selling no less that 47 gowns in the week that followed. “We put in more than 160 hours to get the event and follow-up just right,” said Andrew, “we are firm believers in attention to every detail and giving the bride an unforgettable experience..” Mark and Lesley Monk, who attended the show were impressed by the catwalk production, a stylish fashion show produced by Manic Stage Productions. “We would like to thanks Andrew and Rob for creating such a fantastic event. All involved on the day were fantastic. We met such lovely people – both exhibitors and brides to be – to say we were overwelmed by the response to the new collection is an undestatement.”

The day was many months in the planning and advertised for a full four months to ensure word got around and interest was aroused; in total, 24 exhibitors took part. Dresses ear-marked by brides on the day were held in Creatiques for a week and the shop opening hours were extended to accomodate customer needs.