At Creatiques we pride ourselves in hand picking the right designers for our brides, as authorised suppliers to our designers feel that you need to know exactly what happens when you order online.

Over the past few months we have noticed an increase on brides looking at the “chinese” websites. One incident that occurred this last week was this. A bride came into look at the House Of Mooshki gowns, completely blown away by the look , the quality and also the colours they came is, she returned to us 3 times trying to find the dress, unfortunately she returned to see us on her 4th appointment to show us that she had bought what she though was “the Mooshki dress”on line for a grand total of £40.00.  A DISASTER, now with only 2 weeks to her wedding , we called to ask if Mooshki had a dress in her size, which they didn’t, we tried our hardest to help but we could not help her in such a small time frame. If only she had listened to us  booked the Mooshki dress when she first came into the store she would have been a very happy bride.

We recently wrote an article for “love our wedding” about the disasters that happen when you, the bride, thinks they are buying from a “designer” and they receive in the post a jiffy bag and inside its contents, see below the article:

Love Our Wedding Feature