Wild flowers & The Square Tower

1. Wedding date?

2. Wedding venue?
The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth
2a. Did your wedding plans change due to covid? If so what changed?
N/A we were very lucky
3. Wedding photographer & How did you choose your photographer?
Paul Brett, PMB photography. We found him on Facebook and after having an initial video chat with him we knew he was right for us. Very professional, genuine and made us feel immediately comfortable.
4. Wedding Flowers & did you choose your dress before your flowers?
Tiffany from ‘Flowers at Tiffanys’ in Albert road did our flowers and they were absolutely amazing!!! I decided on flowers after choosing the dress but I knew I wanted a colourful eclectic mix instead of a specific colour scheme. You should be able to see them in the photos, it really was a vibrant mox of wild and country garden flowers.
7. Did you have a colour scheme or theme for your day?
We had no specific colour scheme as I really wanted lots of colours as it was a big celebration. For me the flowers were a big focus so we expressed the colours using the flowers and arrangements as well as a lot of my own handmade decor, a lot of it was DIY.
The Dress
8. Dress Designer?
Justin Alexander, Adore
9. Before visiting Creatiques did you have an idea of what style of gown you’d like? If so were you surprised by the gown you did choose?
I had looked online at many different types and styles. When I visited Creatiques I ended up buying the first one I tried on after making sure I had tried on a good range of different dresses. I think the gown I chose was similar to what I had wanted when I first started looking.
10. Overall how was your Creatiques experience?
10/10 excellent professional friendly service, good communications and I was very impressed with the covid safety in place which is obviously a worry on the run up to the big day.
11. Highlight of your wedding day?
I genuinely couldn’t pick one party of the day as a highlight as the whole day was amazing! The most important thing was to have everyone together celebrating.
12. Did you have any special touches?
I made a lot of the decor including our wedding sign, table plan, place settings, we had lots of photos throughout the years of my husband and I dotted around…I would say there was a lot that was bespoke and special and unique to the two of us.
13. Do you have any advice for bride’s planning their big day?
I would suggest not trying to make everything like I did as it was a bit overwhelming and very time consuming. Going to bed a 2am every morning the week before the wedding wasn’t ideal lol. Most importantly I would say take time to enjoy the day yourself and with your partner. The day goes by like a flash so make sure you enjoy it and don’t worry if anything goes wrong or gets missed, no one will notice/care everyone is there to celebrate your marriage.

14. In hindsight, would you have done anything differently?

Nope, the day was perfect! and everything that happened in the planning helped it be just that!